Monday, December 21, 2009

Still and blogging!

If I don't try to use this site often I will forget everything in no time at all!  So, these images are an original plein air painting I completed in September and a larger painting started in mid-November as a demonstration for Citizens for Sensible Growth, an organization in Reno, using the plein air piece as my reference material.  Because of the questions from a group of observers (mostly artist friends who heckIed), I was unable to finish the larger painting and it was laid aside until this weekend. I retrieved it and put on the finishing touches.  

Oil on canvas panel, 6X8
The original plein air piece was painted on a hot September afternoon.

"Dog Days of Summer", oil on linen panel, 12 X16. 

This painting makes the water level in the Carson River appear abundant, but in fact this is a lower area that collects what little water there is.  If you were to walk across the river at this point you might get your ankles wet.

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