Monday, December 21, 2009

Still and blogging!

If I don't try to use this site often I will forget everything in no time at all!  So, these images are an original plein air painting I completed in September and a larger painting started in mid-November as a demonstration for Citizens for Sensible Growth, an organization in Reno, using the plein air piece as my reference material.  Because of the questions from a group of observers (mostly artist friends who heckIed), I was unable to finish the larger painting and it was laid aside until this weekend. I retrieved it and put on the finishing touches.  

Oil on canvas panel, 6X8
The original plein air piece was painted on a hot September afternoon.

"Dog Days of Summer", oil on linen panel, 12 X16. 

This painting makes the water level in the Carson River appear abundant, but in fact this is a lower area that collects what little water there is.  If you were to walk across the river at this point you might get your ankles wet.

Friday, December 18, 2009

not sure of this!!!

My artist friend, Ida from Dutch Valley, has been trying to get me to do this for several months.  With her help, I have created this blog, and  I'm now ready to share my art with whomever.  I have enjoyed doing art since very early childhood.  My favorite subjects are the Nevada landscapes and it's people.  I paint each week with the Portrait Society of Reno and try to do at least one plein air painting each week.   Here are some of my recent works. 

Brunswick Gold is along Carson River East of Carson City, studio painting from a plein air. 12X24, oil on canvas.
Hobo Hotsprings (above) is south of Carson City and was painted later on the same day, and in the same area, as Misty Autumn Morning (right) both are plein air, oil on linen panel, 11X14.

Mikel's Horses, oil on canvas, 12 X 24, is a commissioned piece of mustanges near Virginia City.